How To Protect Yourself and A Baby on a Golf Cart


Some people love walking across the golf course. Others enjoy the fun of riding in their own golf cart. Either of the options is fine. But with a golf cart, you enjoy your game without any hassle. You don’t have to worry about the weight of your equipment. 

If you love riding on a golf cart, then there are safety measures that you must take at all times observe. In this article, we’ll share with you the dos and don’ts of riding on a golf cart. 

Can You Take a Baby on a Golf Cart? 

If you have a baby, you might wonder whether you can take them to the golf course and ride on the cart together. But is it really safe? 

The truth is golf carts are risky for babies. Even though the cart doesn’t speed, it’s not safe for kids below six years. 

We don’t recommend having your baby on the cart because they are prone to rolling. Golf carts, even at the lowest speed, are not stable and can throw your baby from the vehicle. This is because the carts don’t have adequate safety measures, such as safety belts. People riding on the carts rely on their ability to remain seated on the carts. And babies can’t do this. 

Falling off the cart could cause serious neck or head injuries to the baby. And even worse, they could end up being fatal. 

You can only ride with a baby on a golf cart by holding them. If you’re driving the cart, you won’t manage to hold the baby and ride simultaneously. As a passenger, you might also not maintain holding the baby. This is especially when the cart moves at high speed or hits a small bump. You would be conflicted between holding yourself down to the cart or holding the baby. And mostly, you might let the baby go as you protect yourself.

So, never ride on a golf cart with your baby. You would endanger their life. 

Here are simple guidelines when it comes to babies and golf carts. 

  • Never ride a golf cart with children below 6 years 
  • Children below 16 years should never be allowed to drive a golf cart 
  • Any untrained golf cart driver should never be allowed to drive along the golf course 
  • At all times, ensure your golf cart has a good braking system 

So, can you take a baby on a golf cart? The simple answer is no. It’s not safe for babies to be on the carts—whether alone or with someone else. 

Legal Requirements 

Most states prohibit children under six years from riding on golf carts. In some states, such as Florida, the law requires children to be secured on golf carts with car seats. That means you should install a special seat on your golf cart for riding with the baby. 

It’s against the law for anyone to hold a baby on their lap while they are on a golf cart. If caught breaking these rules, your cart will be confiscated and sued in a court of law for endangering your baby’s life. The law prioritizes the kids’ safety over the fun they would derive from riding on a golf cart. 

Safety Measures To Reduce Accidents Risks In A Golf Cart 

Golf carts don’t only pose risks to children. Even experienced drivers can easily crash on them and get serious injuries. The following are specific safety measures that would protect you when riding on golf carts. 

  1. Understand the Risk 

Most children get injured on golf carts because they either jumped or fell out of a moving cart. If your children are at an age they can ride on a golf cart, educate them about safety measures for riding on these tiny vehicles. Educate them on the importance of always staying seated until the cart stops. Also, ensure you advise them to keep their arms, hands, legs, and feet inside the cart when it’s in motion. They shouldn’t be playing when the cart is in motion. 

The first step to protecting your children is to educate them on all safety measures. You should also follow these measures. Even if you’re confident, don’t break them. Especially when you’re with your children. Because children will tend to imitate what you do rather than what you say. 

  1. Children Shouldn’t Sit on Rear-Facing Golf Seats 

Children are at the highest risk of falling off the cart when riding. So if you have any children in the cart, ensure they are not seated on the rear-facing seats. As a driver, you might not monitor their stability. And as you sail and speed off, they could easily fall off. But you can avoid this by ensuring no one sits on the rear-facing golf seats. 

  1. Always Use the Car Paths Only 

If your golf course requires you to stay on the cart path, stay on the path. Don’t break this rule. Never ride your cart on the green lawn or tee box. 

Golf carts are not powerful. And are not designed to navigate uneven terrain. They also don’t navigate easily on hills. Riding on the hills is dangerous because the carts don’t have brakes on all wheels. It can easily lock up the rear brakes on a hill, causing an overturn or deadly crash. 

  1. Follow Your State’s Law 

Every state has specific laws that govern golf carts and other small vehicles. In some states, it’s prohibited to have children below 6 years on the cart. In other states, the recommended age is higher or lower. 

The same applies to driving the cart. Some states recommend a minimum age of 14 years before you can be allowed to ride on the golf cart. Other states don’t allow children below 16 years or very old people to drive a golf cart. 

Other rules prohibit places where you can ride carts. For instance, it’s against its laws to drive any low-speed vehicle on most public roadways in Florida. 

So, to be safe, check the rules governing golf carts or other low-speed vehicles. Ensure you follow these rules. Otherwise, your cart might be taken, and you get yourself sued for breaking the law. 

  1. Install Safety Equipment 

Safety should be a priority whether you wish to ride on your golf cart alone or with children. Your cart should at all times have basic safety equipment. These includes: 

  • Safety belts 
  • Turning signals 
  • Safety restraints 
  • And Mirrors 

Ensure the cart is safe to ride. 

Can You Take a Baby on a Golf Cart If All Safety Measures Are In Place? 

It doesn’t matter how safe your golf cart is. The law prohibits having children below the age of six on golf carts. It’s not safe for them. And even children above 6 years old should never ride on a golf cart without close attention. Always educate them about the safety measures when riding a golf cart. 

Have the safety measures in place. But also ensure you follow the rules to the latter. 

Golf Cart Maintenance Tips 

One of the best safety tips with golf carts is maintaining them at all times. If they are in the proper condition, they will give you good performance at all times. The following are top maintenance tips you should always follow to get optimal performance with your golf cart. 

  • Charge Your Battery When It Hits 50% Power 

Always keep your golf cart charged. Do this every time after using it. This helps you deal with possible breakdowns that you might experience on the golf course. 

  • Re-fill Battery Cells Regularly 

After about every three months, check the water levels in your battery. Ensure the plates are not completely submerged. After charging your cart, add distilled water to about a ¼ inch above the plates. 

  • Regularly Clean the Batteries 

Check any corrosion on the battery and clean it. Also, remove any other dirt that might have accumulated around the batteries. Use a baking soda solution to clean all the dirt. 

  • Keep The Tires Inflated 

Always check the golf cart tires’ air pressure. Refill them to maintain the tire balance at all times. 

  • Remember the Brakes 

Always check the brakes when you’re servicing your golf cart. This mainly involves adjusting and cleaning the pedal, cables, drums, and pads. 

  • Oil 

Always check whether the golf cart oil is in the right condition. Ensure that there are no leaks or dirt inside the oil compartment. If you notice any leaks, you should leave it to experts to get the job done. 

  • Expert Servicing 

At least once a year, take your golf cart to a professional mechanic. Let an expert check and maintain your cart. 

Parting Shot 

If you have been wondering whether to bring your baby on a golf cart, it’s a bad idea. You can’t guarantee their safety no matter what you plan to do. But whether you’re riding on the cart alone or with older children, ensure all the safety measures are adhered to. This is the best way to ensure your safety at all times. 

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