Can you use synthetic oil in your gas golf cart?


Golf carts operate just like other vehicles. And to get their best performance, you should always maintain them regularly. One of their maintenance routines is to change their or regularly. But what type of oil can you use on your golf cart? 

Synthetic oil is one of the many types of oil that you can use with your golf cart. The oil lasts longer, protecting your engine. 

However, when you’re using synthetic oil, there are specific things you should pay attention to. This article will answer frequently asked questions about gas golf carts. 

Factors To Consider Before Deciding to Use Synthetic Oil in Your Golf Cart 

You can still use synthetic oil if you have a gas golf cart. But there are critical things you must pay attention to before you finally make that decision. The following are the basic things to consider. 

  1. Synthetic Oil Viscosity 

The synthetic oil you choose to use should have the same viscosity as normal or regular oil. The right viscosity will ensure the synthetic oil keeps your golf cart well lubricated. 

  1. Type of Golf Cart 

It’s important to note that not all golf carts work effectively with synthetic oil. Some carts are made only to use regular oil. And using synthetic oil might lower their performance. So, before you could change your oil and use a synthetic version, ensure you check your golf cart and determine if it works well with synthetic oil. 

However, almost all gas golf carts work well with synthetic oils. But electric carts use regular oil only. If you’re unsure whether your cart is made of synthetic oil, check its manual. Alternatively, you can consult with a golf cart professional. They will tell you which oil to use after assessing your golf cart. 

  1. Cost 

Cheap is expensive. And expensive doesn’t always mean it’s good quality. So, never decide on synthetic oil, depending on its price. Don’t buy just any synthetic oil because it’s affordable. Some of those oils might not work effectively with your cart. You should check the quality of the oil and compare it with regular oil. 

Synthetic oil is usually more expensive than regular oil. But if you don’t have the budget to buy the oil, it doesn’t harm to buy just regular oil. 

A Guide To Change Synthetic Oil In A Gas Golf Cart 

Gas golf carts can use synthetic oil. And to keep the engine and its motors in the right conditions, you need to change the oil regularly. Using synthetic oil leaves your engine clean and safe. The oil lasts longer than regular oil. 

Replacing the used synthetic oil in the golf cart is easy. All you need is to get the right tools and get the job done. Here are the tools that you would need to drain used oil and refill with a fresh one. 

  • Safety glasses 
  • Work gloves 
  • Replacement oil filter 
  • 10W-30 grade motor oil 
  • Funnel 
  • Oil drain pan 
  • Wrench 
  • Lint-free rag 

And once you have all these tools with you, follow the steps below to complete the job. 

Step 1: Start With Safety 

Wear safety glasses and work gloves. The glasses will protect any synthetic oil from splashing into your eyes. 

Step 2: Warm Up Your Engine 

Park your golf cart on a flat surface. Start it to warm up its engine. You can ride it for a few meters and then back. Once the engine has warmed, stop it and remove the ignition key. 

Step 3: Clean the Oil Cap and It’s Surrounding 

Use a lint cloth to clean off any dirt and old oil around the oil cap. This helps in preventing any dirt from getting inside the oil tank. And once you’re done cleaning, open the cap and place it away in a safe place. 

Step 4: Place Drain Pan Under The Filter 

Check the triangular-shaped housing attached to your engine with three bolts. Once you have identified it, place your drain pan under it. 

Step 5: Remove Retaining Bolt 

Use your wrench to open and remove the bolts holding the filter. And once the bolts are opened, pull the filter out of the engine. Remember to check the rubber O-ring and place it aside in a safe place. After pulling the filter, the oil should flow into your drain pan. 

Step 6: Further Cleaning

After the oil has completely been drained, use the lint-free rag to wipe the oil that’s surrounding the engine and other components. And after cleaning, replace the old filter with the correct size. Use an O-ring to seal and hold it in its place. 

You can use a degreaser or compressed air to clean the oil filter. But when using a degreaser, allow the oil filter to dry before reinstalling it on your golf cart. And when you use compressed air, ensure the pressure doesn’t exceed 30 pounds per square inch (PSI). Also, keep the nozzle above the filter at least 3 inches away. 

Step 7: Slide and Fix the Filter Back 

After cleaning the filter, slide it back into its place. Then reinstall the bolts that hold it in place using your wrench. 

Step 8: Refill Your Oil Tank With Synthetic Oil 

Insert a funnel in the oil tank through the cap opening. Then pour synthetic motor oil through the funnel. And as you pour, stop periodically to check the fluid level. Use the dipstick to check the level of the oil. The dipstick has two lines. The bottom line shows the minimum amount required for the engine to operate safely. The other line below the letter “F” indicates a full mark. Fill the oil to the highest line. But anywhere between these two lines is still okay. 

Step 10: Final Step 

Remove the funnel and close the tank properly using the oil cap. And after that is done, use your lint-free rag to wipe clean around the tank area. Wipe all the oil that might have spilled over the engine.   

Now your oil is changed, and your cart is ready to continue giving you an amazing performance. 

Why Use Synthetic Oil In Your Gas Golf Cart? 

Here are the top benefits to consider if you are wondering whether to use regular or synthetic oil in your gas golf cart. Synthetic engine oils have superior quality. When used in your golf cart, they give better engine performance and protection. When you use them in your cart, you can always expect the following benefits: 

  • Perfect flow even at very low temperatures 
  • Stable viscosity, even at the highest temperatures 
  • No deposit formation
  • Improved field consumption 
  • It keeps the engine clean and reduces sludge in the long run 
  • No in-between top-ups required 
  • Protects engine motor from wearing out 

So, if you have a gas golf cart, start using synthetic oil today and protect its engine. Forget some of the issues that you have to deal with with regular oil. 

How Often Should You Change Synthetic Oil on Your Gas Golf Cart? 

The frequency of changing synthetic oil on a gas golf cart depends mainly on the model of the cart and its usage. However, the average lifespan of engine oil is about 250 hours. Which could equate to about six months of heavy use. But if you use your cart regularly, you might need to change the oil before the six months mark. Replace your oil after about 150 hours. 

Most golf carts come with a functional time meter. You can always know how many hours you have to spend before the next time you’re refilling the oil. And you don’t have to hire an expert to help with oil changing. If you follow the steps above, they will be very helpful in getting the job done. 

It doesn’t have to be a lot of oil. Most golf carts have a maximum of about 1 liter, equal to one quart. So, when you’re oil in the golf cart, you shouldn’t fill it till it overflows. Use the steps above to ensure you do the job perfectly. 

How To Choose the Best Synthetic Engine Oil for a Gas Golf Cart

In the market, there are different brands of synthetic oil. Before you choose any oil, you must think about your cart and its workload. Understand the performance that you wish your golf cart to deliver. Also, consider the factors we previously shared. 

Always look for synthetic oil that has the best reputation. If you’re unsure about the brand, you could choose and then ask a mechanic. You can also consult other golfers to tell you about the oil that they use. 

Parting Shot 

Can you use synthetic oil in your gas golf cart? Absolutely yes. You can use synthetic oil in your gal golf cart. It will perform better as compared to regular oil. The cart engine stays more protected. And even better, you can replace the oil on your own. Follow the steps shared with you in this article. They will give you the right guidelines. 

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