Do golf cart batteries make noise when charging? How Do You Deal With Them? 


If you have heard some noises when charging your golf cart, then you must pay attention to them. The noises could be coming from the batteries. Golf cart batteries make noise when charging. Some of these noises are normal. But not all the noises you’ll hear from charging your battery are okay. And unless you know the difference, you can never assume that these battery noises are normal. 

In this article we’ll explore golf cart charging noises and how to deal with them. This is because some noises could be critical. And it not careful, your golf cart could easily burst into flames. 

Types of Noises That You Can Get From Golf Cart Batteries And What They Signify 

The following are different types of noises that you could hear when charging your golf cart batteries. 

  1. Clicking Sound 

The clicking sound you hear from the charging golf cart batteries could either normal or indicate a serious issue. You’d need to identify where the noise is coming from to tell the difference. The source of the noise will tell whether it’s an issue of concern or a normal sound. 

The clicking sound could possibly come from the following areas. 

Source 1: Charger 

The first place that you need to check when you hear the clicking sound, check whether it’s coming from the charger. This could indicate a number of issues. When the charger is plugged well and not charging but clicking, it could mean that your charger is damaged. It would require a replacement. 

But before you decide to buy another charger, consult with a gold cart charging mechanic or electrical experts. They can check the charger and tell you about the underlying problems. And when buying another charger, check those that come with long warranty information. This helps you save money that you could be wasting replacing chargers after a very short time. 

Also, note some chargers make some clicking sounds. But the sound is not continuous. It could be a clicking sound happening during and when the battery is completing a charging process. 

Source 2: Batteries 

Most of the clicking sounds in the golf cart batteries are likely to be heard from batteries. Most of the golf cart batteries are alkaline batteries. They produce the noise during the chemical process that happens in the batteries and produce hydrogen gas. 

But when you hear the clicking sound becoming loud, you must pay attention to it. This is because the gas can leak. It’s also highly flammable. So, that means if you notice the clicking sound from the battery especially through the vents, then your battery is getting damaged. The gasses it produces are dangerous and could explose your golf car. A simple spark would send the entire cart into flames. 

  1. Boiling/Bubbling 

Boiling or bubbling sounds are normal with the charging process. This is especially if you have new batteries. The bubbling sound comes fromm the batteries as the new lead in the batteries solidify. The process could take up to 20 cycles to complete fully. So, that means in about 20 first charges after installing new batteries. You’ll hear the boiling sound. 

The boiling sound comes from the current flowing in the water, pushing electrons in the lead. It battery liquid then starts boiling like bubbles that produce the sound. 

But as the battery continues charging, it starts getting quieter. Old batteries don’t make a lot of bubbling sounds. This is because the process has been completed. 

However, if you battery is not new, then it could be an issue. This is especially if the battery had already undergone the solidifying process fully and make noises in the end. If there was no noise heard but all over sudden you notice it, then it’s clear your battery could be overcharging. 

You should take a quick action. Because when it gets to this level the battery starts emitting dangerous fumes. With the fumes, a single spark or overheating can easily trigger an explosion. 

But to prevent overcharging of your batteries, you should get an automatic charging system. This is an auto-off sensor that give your batteries a slow charge. And when the battery is full, they automatically stops the charging process. In the end, you don’t have to deal with the charging issues with your batters. 

So, in short, when you hear bubbling or boiling sound on your new batteries, don’t worry about anything. That’s a normal process. But when you notice similar noises with an old battery, then that could be a critical issue. Get a good charging system and prevent the possibilities of fire explosion. 

  1. Sizzling/Hissing Sound 

If you are hearing sizzling or hissing sounds from your golf cart batteries while charging, then it could be because the car is either:

  • Overcharging 
  • With low acid in batteries 
  • With low water

The hissing sound is produced when cells experience differences in temperature during charging. The difference is mainly caused by low acid or water. And to deal with the noise, all you need to do is add more water and an acid mixture. This solution, however, depends on the type of battery that you have in place. Fixing this problem also ensures that the battery lifespan is protected. 

But also don’t overfill your batteries to prevent further issues such as acid leaks or high production of hydrogen gas while charging. 

How Do You Deal With Golf Cart Batteries That Make Noise When Charging

When you hear any noise coming from your golf cart batteries when charging them, you first need to inspect and know where the noise is coming from. This is because not all noises are dangerous. Some noises are normal while others show that there’s something wrong in your cart battery charging. 

The following are simple ways to deal with Golf Cart Batteries. 

  • Don’t Do Anything For Normal Noises 

Clicking sounds from the charger is normal. And so is bubbling or boiling sound from the batteries. So, when you hear these noises, don’t dare deal with them. Don’t soundproof or stop them. This is because they show that your batteries are charging properly. If you don’t hear these noises, your batteries could be damaged. And you need to be worried about them not making the noise. 

  • Buy Another Charger When Your Charger is Damaged 

When you realize the charger is damaged and you’re experiencing clicking sounds, then buy another charge. Do it as soon as possible before the charge causes further issues on your cart. 

  • Refill the Acid or Water If You Hear Hissing or Sizzling Sound 

We have already mentioned that the hissing and sizzling sounds are because of the temperature differences caused by insufficient water or acid levels. So, if you notice these sounds, move swiftly and refill the acid or water. 

  • Replace the Battery 

Sometimes the noise you hear when charging your golf cart batteries is because the batteries are damaged. And if this is the case, the best thing to do is replace the batteries. This is helpful because it prevents further issues such as battery explosions. 

Why Do Golf Cart Batteries Smell When Charging? 

You might have noticed some smells coming from your golf cart when it’s charging. And sometimes, you could have noted fumes coming from the batteries. Sometimes it smells like rotten eggs, and other times its chocking smoke or a burning smell. 

If you have noticed it, then you’re not alone. Golf cart batteries emit gases that are produced by chemical reactions during the charging process. Most of these gases happen simultaneously with the battery noises. 

The bad odor you smell when your battery is charging is hydrogen sulfide gas. The combination of sulfur and hydrogen is emitted when the golf cart batteries are charging. 

Other times it could be the smell of sulfuric acid that has spilled. Sulfur smells like rotten eggs. So, when you notice such a smell, you should inspect your cart batteries immediately and ensure it’s not leaking. 

Parting Shot 

Do golf cart batteries make noise when charging? Yes. The noises could be normal normal noises while others signify a critical issue that needs to sorted out. So, it’s your responsibility to always pay attention to the noises your golf cart produces when charging. And most importantly, ensure you know the differences of all the noises discussed above. They will help you determine when your golf cart batteries need attention. The worst thing you can do is fix useful sounds or not deals with the sounds that signify serious issues with your cart. 

Also, pay attention to the smells of your golf cart batteries when you’re charging them. Ensure that they don’t signify anything critical that could make it difficult for you. 

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